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An easy, plant-based savoury galette with spelt flour, juicy tomatoes and sweet apricots, accompanied by a basil vinaigrette just bursting with flavour.

Apricot and Tomato Spelt Galette with Basil Vinaigrette www.thefoodiecorner.gr Photo description: A full galette with apricot and tomato slices arranged nicely inside. The galette is sitting on a piece of brown grease-proof paper which is in turn on a wooden tray.

First of all, let’s get past the spelt, galette, vinaigrette rhyming trio – it wasn’t planned, lol! Now, we’re just emerging from a horrible heatwave here in Greece, so you might be wondering how on earth I turned on the oven (if you know me at all you’ll know turning on the oven isn’t a priority when I’m feeling hot). The truth is I made this a few weeks ago, when the weather was still tolerable. And as soon as the temperature so much as hints at falling, I’ll be making it again.

The apricot tomato combo is one I’m loving at the moment – I already made a delicious salsa with it here. Two flavours that go very well together and really shine when paired with a fresh basil vinaigrette. This stuff is so potent and bursting with flavour it’s unreal.

Apricot and Tomato Spelt Galette with Basil Vinaigrette www.thefoodiecorner.gr Photo description: A galette with apricot and tomato slices arranged nicely inside. The galette is on a wooden tray and one slice has been cut and pulled out slightly. At the bottom left of the photo is a small bowl of basil vinaigrette.

And it’s the perfect way to use up any basil you might have lying around. I find herbs are the number one wasted foodstuff in my kitchen so I always welcome recipes that use large amounts of them. And this vinaigrette can be enjoyed in so many different ways… hello pasta salad, hello panzanella, hello potato salad! Oh it’s also lighter and crisper tasting than pesto.

The pastry (or should I call it a crust?) is a very easy one, just as I like it. Spelt flour because I’m still on my spelt kick (did you see the pancakes?), and a plant-based margarine spread that works really well. You could use regular marge instead or message me for info on mine. This crust would be a great base to use in any sort of savoury galette, but I do hope you try this one!

And don’t forget to tag me in your creations! You can find me at @thefoodiecorner and use #thefoodiecorner on Insta so I can share in my stories!

Apricot and Tomato Spelt Galette with Basil Vinaigrette www.thefoodiecorner.gr Photo description: A wooden tray with a galette on it, most of it cut into slices that have been slightly pulled out. Beside one of them is a small spoon with basil vinaigrette, some of which has been drizzled on the slices. In the bottom left corner is a small bowl of vinaigrette, half visible.


For the crust
300 gr spelt flour
1/2 tsp salt
150 gr vegan margarine, cold and cut into cubes (see note)
3 1/2 Tbs oat milk (or other plant milk)

For the filling
2 ripe tomatoes, medium sized, sliced into rounds
3 apricots, medium sized, sliced
1-2 tsp olive oil
1 large pinch of salt (or to taste)
1 large pinch of black pepper, freshly ground (or to taste)

For the basil vinaigrette
20 gr fresh basil (leaves and thin stalks)
5 gr baby pickled gherkins
1 large or 2 medium garlic cloves
60 ml (4 Tbs) extra virgin olive oil
30 ml (2 Tbs) apple vinegar
1 tsp American style mustard
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper, freshly ground
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper or hot paprika

Step 1

Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl using a whisk. Add the cubed margarine and cut into the flour using a knife. When you only have small pieces rub the mixture with the tips of your fingers until it looks like coarse wet sand.

Step 2

Pour in 3 tablespoons of oat milk and mix/press until it comes together in dough form. It will probably be a bit crumbly; if so add the extra half tablespoon of oat milk. It could still be very slightly crumbly but it should be pliable. Don’t over-knead. Shape into a disc, wrap in a beeswax wrap and refrigerate for at least half an hour.

Step 3

Preheat the oven to 200C (conventional). Lay out a piece of baking paper and place the dough on top. Roll it out thinly to about 30cm diameter. The edges might be a little - you guessed it - crumbly, but that’s ok, just press any cracks together. The great thing about galettes is that they don’t need to be perfect.

Step 4

Arrange the tomatoes and apricots on the dough, leaving a border around the edges about 2 fingers (3-4 cm) wide. Fold the edges up and in, over the side of the filling, crimping here and there as necessary.

Step 5

Slide the galette onto a baking tray, using the baking paper to pull it. Bake for 45 minutes.

Step 6

While the galette is baking make the basil vinaigrette. Combine the basil, gherkins, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, mustard, salt, pepper and cayenne in a small food processor and pulse until smooth.

Step 7

Serve the galette warm with a drizzle of basil vinaigrette.

I use a vegan, coconut-based margarine from a health food/organic food shop. Let me know if you want info on the specific brand, you can email me or dm me on social media.

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    Even if I am not usually a baker . . . this recipe ticks all the boxes ! Spelt flour appeals and the tomato/basil combo naturally ! But I would never have thought to add apricots and with the Australian winter in full sway have a wait ahead for those. And shall use the very first basil in spring to make your rather original vinaigrette . . . meanwhile shall tell friends . . .

    • Reply

      Oh thank you! And I understand about not usually being a baker, I too avoid the complicated baking recipes 😉 This is super easy so I hope you do try it! I wish it was winter here too… stone fruit and tomatoes are about the only thing I like about summer, lol!