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The second part of my slow cooker ice cream topping post, with the easiest butterscotch sauce you have ever made.

This stuff is really good. And the best thing is that it’s dead easy to make. No watching over the pot to see the colour change, no thermometers, no being careful of hot bubbling liquids. The slow cooker saves the day yet again. Real caramel is fantastic, but having a simple and easy solution for a gorgeous dessert sauce is also pretty fab too.

For my little experiment I chose to make a butterscotch sauce. The difference between butterscotch and caramel is basically the colour of the sugar. In one we use brown, in the other white. The taste is amazing either way. Adding a little butter and the secret weapon (that would be the bourbon) makes a beautiful, potable, liquid gold.

My serving suggestion is to pour this baby over a scoop of ice cream sitting on a brownie. The above photo should have had some chocolate covered peanuts in it too, but you may remember from my previous post that Westley-watching got in the way of my food photography. Anyway, you can mix and match anything you like, as long as you add some of this sauce to it.

The brownie in the photo was in my freezer. I always stash a couple in there when I make a big batch, so that I always have a chocolate fix on hand (30 seconds in the microwave and it’s like new). I strongly recommend this tactic, unless you are on a diet or something. If you don’t have/want brownies for a dessert like this, you could use cake or a chocolate muffin. Or just a big bowl of the cold stuff on its own. It’s all good.

The butterscotch sauce will keep in the fridge for a few days, but before you use it make sure you reheat and whisk it well, otherwise it might be a bit sugary.


100 gr butter

1/2 cup brown sugar

2 Tbs vanilla extract

1 Tbs bourbon

Step 1

Place all the ingredients in the slow cooker insert. Turn on low.

Step 2

After 45 minutes you might see that the butter has separated. Whisk the sauce well to incorporate. Leave for another hour.

Step 3

After one hour and 45 minutes in total, turn cooker off, whisk sauce well and transfer to a heat proof jug. Leave at room temperature for a while before serving.

3 ratings, avg : 5.00
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