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Heavenly cubes of chocolate and Nutella fudge, ideal for popping into a mug of hot milk. If, that is, you can resist eating them like a lollipop. A super easy, 3-ingredient recipe that takes about two minutes to put to together.

Hot chocolate on a stick. I mean who was the genius behind that idea? I wish I could say it was me, but these little sticks of joy are all over pinterest. This particular recipe however is mine, based on chocolate fudge I’ve made in the past. I liked the idea of including other ingredients apart from chocolate, and, well, what could be better than Nutella in a hot chocolate beverage? So here it is. Only three ingredients that come together in a melty, sticky, awesome goo in one minute. The only difficulty is waiting for the fudge to set before cutting into it and plunging in the ice lolly sticks.

These treats also make a nice gift, so they are holiday-appropriate. Just place each cube on a mini muffin paper, sit it on a square piece of cellophane and lift the corners to create a pouch. Tie with pretty ribbon and voila! I couldn’t find clear cellophane so I improvised and cut up a thick plastic carrier bag, like the ones that patisseries in Greece normally put cake boxes in. I imagine in most places you get paper bags, but then again in most places it’s easy to find clear coloured cellophane. So you’ll be fine.

And there you have it, Nutella fudge hot chocolate on a stick. I kind of love saying it. Make some.


125gr dark/cooking chocolate, coarsely chopped

200gr (1/2 cup) sweetened condensed milk

8 Tbs chocolate hazelnut spread

16 marshmallows (optional)

Milk for making hot chocolate

Step 1

In a heat proof bowl melt chocolate, sweetened condensed milk and chocolate spread in the microwave. One minute on high should do it, stopping after 30 seconds to stir. If you have a few lumps at the end, just stir till melted away.

Step 2

Line a small square baking dish or plastic container (15 x 15 cm is ideal) with baking paper so that two edges come up over the sides of the dish. Pour in the fudge mixture. Level it with a spatula getting it into the corners, and leave in the fridge for at least 3 hours to set.

Step 3

Using the paper edges lift the fudge out of the container, cut into 16 pieces and plunge in the lolly sticks. If you want you can push each stick through a marshmallow first.

Step 4

To make the hot chocolate, warm a mug of milk to just before boiling point, put a hot chocolate stick in and stir well.

These Nutella fudge hot chocolate sticks are best kept in the fridge. They also freeze very well, so go ahead, double the recipe. I know it's just because your dish is too big (!). As a guideline, each cube should weigh about 30 grams, in order for the beverage to be chocolatey enough!

5 ratings, avg : 3.00

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    Madeleine A Dunlop-Black

    how long do these last for?

    • Reply

      They are best kept in the refrigerator, so they should be fine for at least a week, probably two. You can also freeze them, but defrost before using in hot milk or you’ll end up with cold hot chocolate!