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The easiest way to cook your corn on the cob has to be the slow cooker. Juicy, tasty, sweet, delicious, and so so simple to prepare. And since butter is corn’s best friend, here are three special flavoured variations you can quickly whip up.

The other day I was wandering around the supermarket, completely unprepared for a proper shop. I do this quite often. I think of things I need, never have a pen handy (although there is one in every room precisely for this reason), forget half of those things, and then set off shopping without a decent list. So I wander the aisles thinking ooh-that-looks-nice-pop-it-in-the-basket, only to get home and realize I can’t actually make dinner because I forgot to buy say, meat, or pasta, or another main ingredient I really needed. But I always have weird and wonderful ingredients lying around waiting to be used in some blog experiment or other. So that day, true to form, I grabbed a pack of yummy looking corn. The Mister doesn’t actually like it, so it wasn’t going to help with dinner, but I really wanted to try cooking it in the slow cooker. Well, at least that was my lunch sorted for a few days! It was really tasty, really easy and took about 30 seconds to prepare. Great as a side dish for a steak dinner, or on its own as a healthy snack for the kids.

If you’re making this for a nice dinner, you can easily snazz it up a bit with some flavoured butter. I tried three variations, with whatever I had on hand. One with chives, one with sundried tomatoes, and one with smoked paprika. It’s dead simple but quite fancy!


3 large ears of corn, shucked (what a cool word)

For the butters

150 gr butter, divided into 3 pieces of 50 gr each, softened

2 tsp chives, finely chopped

4 tsp sundried tomato, finely chopped (if it was in oil make sure you wipe it dry with kitchen paper first)

1 pinch black pepper, freshly ground

1/4 + 1/8 tsp smoked paprika

1/8 tsp coarse salt

Step 1

For the corn: Check that the corn fits in the slow cooker. If it doesn’t, break the ears in half. Wrap them loosely in tin foil and place them in the insert. Don’t add anything else. Cook on low for 5-7 hours, depending on how you like it and how hot your cooker runs.

Step 2

For the butter: Place the three pieces of softened (not melted) butter in separate bowls. Add the ingredients you are using to flavour it, i.e. the chives in one, the sundried tomatoes and pepper in the other, and the smoked paprika and salt in the third. Mash with the back of a fork till well blended and turn out into mini serving bowls. If you want to you can make little logs by turning the butters out onto pieces of cling film (plastic wrap) and shaping with your fingers. Pop the butter into the fridge for at least a couple of hours or until serving.

15 ratings, avg : 4.40
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