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18 ratings, avg : 4.83

A seriously fruity and refreshing white wine based sangria, with peach and melon. The secret ingredient makes it extra peachy and sweet! Read on…

I’m not a huge wine drinker. I like it, mostly white, when it’s nice and cold and served with dinner or at least something to munch on. I won’t drink it on its own, and if I open a bottle I will almost always have leftovers. Am I losing you? Well, stay and see the version of wine that had me drink a whole bottle all on my own.

This is more like a cocktail than a sangria, but, well, wine and fruit… I think I can get away with calling it that. So peaches and melon are the fruit of choice. I have a friend who once threw a load of peaches into a jug with a bottle of white wine someone had brought her as a gift that she didn’t like. I tried some of it and loved it! This was a few years ago, but since then it’s been something I’ve wanted to experiment with. Then a few days ago I was looking at melons in the green grocer’s and it suddenly occurred to me to finally make my own sangria with both peaches and melon.

I came home and looked it up on the internet. Several white sangria recipes I came across included sugar. I pondered for a while, trying to decide whether to add some myself, and then I thought of something else. In my cupboard was a sachet of ice tea powder. You know, the instant stuff that you just mix with water. Well I know that is full of sugar or sweeteners, and this one was peach flavoured, so yup, in to my sangria it went. Ice tea powder in wine. So sue me. Or just try it. It works! As do the sparkling water, ice cubes and spearmint.

This is a perfect sweet and refreshing cocktail-like drink. Ideal for hot summer days or nights. Make up a jug full and try not to drink it all in one go! (it will sneak up on you…)


1 bottle (750ml) white wine (I used a Greek type called Moschofilero, dry, crispy and floral-y)

2 tsp ice tea powder (the instant type you mix with water)

1 small peach, sliced

1/2 small melon (approx. 250gr after prep), cut into wedges or large pieces

1 sprig spearmint

500ml sparkling (carbonated) water or club soda

Step 1

Pour most of the wine into a jug, leaving about 1/4 in the bottle. Add the ice tea powder to the bottle, put the cork on and shake till dissolved. Pour into the jug and stir.

Step 2

Add the peach, melon and spearmint to the jug and place in the refrigerator to chill.

Step 3

To serve fill a glass with 2/3 sangria and 1/3 sparkling water. Or whichever ratio is preferable. Don’t forget the ice!

18 ratings, avg : 4.83
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