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A simple but delicious cocktail with the distinct taste of melomakarono, the traditional Greek Christmas honey cookie. For your New Year’s cocktail list!

So, did you save the syrup from your melomakarona? What, you didn’t make any? There is still time. Whip up a batch of the traditional Greek Christmas delicacy, it’s not at all difficult, and save the gorgeous honey syrup that you have left over. Then, use it in this amazing cocktail.

The idea for this drink came to me as I was dunking the melomakarona in the syrup to soak it up. I realized there was going to be some left, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to pour it down the sink. Various ideas sprang to mind, like adding it to tea, or a hot rum drink with apple juice, or to a batch of gluhwein. Then I noticed the orange sitting in the pan, and thought the syrup would go very nicely with orange juice. Add some vodka to the mix and there you go. A martini cocktail. No fancy alcoholic ingredients that are hard to find, just three simple things that come together and create something delicious. Oh, don’t forget the cinnamon, it makes a difference!

After I had taken the picture it occurred to me that I could have done a margarita trick with the rim of the glass. I could have mashed up a melomakarono, dipped the rim of the glass in a saucer of honey and then in the cookie crumbs. Would that be confusing as to whether it’s a martini or a margarita? More importantly, would anyone care? Thought not. If you’re looking to impress, go for it. And let me know how it goes. Better yet, send photos!

Hope you’re all enjoying the holidays!


60 ml (4 Tbs) vodka, chilled

60 ml (4 Tbs) fresh orange juice, a bit on the sour side would be great, chilled

30 ml (2 Tbs) syrup from your melomakarona making (see text), room temp

1 pinch cinnamon

Step 1

Combine vodka, orange juice and syrup in a clean jam jar. Add some ice cubes. Shake well and pour into a martini glass keeping back the ice with the jar lid. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Cheers!

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