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Ever tried a frappe in Greece? Did you maybe try to recreate this frothy iced coffee at home with disappointing results? Here is how to make a proper frappe, just like you would in a Greek kitchen on a hot summer’s day.

Ok, I fibbed a bit. This method is not just like it would be in a Greek kitchen, it is just like it used to be in a Greek kitchen. Now we have special machines that do the beating and frothing of the coffee for us. But before they appeared, it was good old shaking that created that rich foamy top you see in the photo. Gorgeously thick, so much so that the straw stands up on its own (see the straws in the pic?!). And since I’m not about to send you looking for a frappe machine or even a special shaker, my suggested method involves a jam jar with a tight fitting lid. Simple as that.

Now, the exact ratio of water-coffee-sugar-milk is a very personal matter. However, I think we can all agree that a proper Greek frappe is very strong. If you are a bit of a lightweight when it comes to strong coffee (like me) you can tone it down a bit, or add more milk, or just play around with it until you find what works for you.

Milk can be added to taste, although many people drink it without. Greeks will usually choose evaporated, and to be honest it does give the frappe a nice creaminess. I normally prefer fresh milk, but try both and see which you like more, as the result is quite different.

If you were ordering a frappe in Greece, you would be asked how sweet you want it. The levels of sweetness are plain (no sugar), medium, or sweet. Here I have given you quantities for a medium and sweet version. Please keep in mind that if you make a plain frappe using this method, you may not achieve the extreme frothiness as this is helped by the sugar.

Please make sure you read the instructions carefully, and follow them exactly, so you get the closest possible result to the real thing. Alternatively, hop on a plane, visit Greece for a couple of weeks and sample the real thing for yourself!


For a sweet frappe:

40 ml water

2 tsp instant coffee (it has to be instant)

4 tsp granulated white sugar (it has to be white)

For a medium frappe:

40 ml water

2 tsp instant coffee

2 tsp granulated white sugar

For both:

ice cubes

water to top up

milk to taste, either fresh or evaporated (not sweetened) (optional)

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Do yourself a favour and try this. Make a frappe, any way you like it, and add a shot (or two) of an Irish cream liqueur. It is gorgeous. Try not to drink it in one gulp. Or, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Or add both for a coffee dessert!

Step 1

Pour the 40ml of water in a clean jam jar that has a tight fitting lid. Mine was a tallish jar with a 330ml capacity. Add the coffee granules and the sugar. Close the lid tightly and shake with all your might, for 1 ½ to 2 minutes. In the beginning you will be able to hear the sugar. Keep going until you can’t hear it any longer, and the jar feels like it is almost full. The colour should lighten as you shake. This is the most important stage, so be sure to do it as described.

Step 2

Half-fill a tall glass with ice cubes (my glass has 330ml capacity - same as jar! Didn't plan that). Open the jar. You should see only froth in it, this is good. Pour the froth into the glass. Add a little water to the jar and swirl it, so you get most of the residue froth from it. Add that to the glass. Repeat if necessary, filling the glass to the rim unless you want to add milk. If so, leave enough space in the glass for the milk. Pop a straw in and enjoy.

3 ratings, avg : 3.67

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